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Boxed cards for those very special occasions
Personalised and handmade cards that needn't cost the earth. more

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Greetings Cards

It's your don't expect expensive presents but it's always nice to know they care isn't it?

Then they give you a hand made card - it has texture, weight and quality. It's unusual, beautiful and carefully made - you know it didn't come from the supermarket so they must have taken trouble over choosing it.

Ahhh - so they do care...

Make an impression...

Our online shop is available 24 hours a day so you can now buy those special cards from the comfort of your chair without traipsing round craft fairs or specialist shops.

Show them how important they are. When someone sends you Black Mouse stationery you know it must be a very special day.

Make an impression...

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Boxed Cards

You've got a special day coming up. A shop card just isn't 'special' enough. You want something they'll remember - and keep - or better still - treasure.

No problem! Why not ask me to make a special card designed with them in mind? They will really appreciate the care you've taken and it doesn't cost the earth.


Christmas Cards

Whatever you need...

For individual ready made Christmas cards please visit our online shop.

For corporate Christmas cards, or if you need larger quantities then we can make them to order for you.

This means you can have a personalised insert and your choice of colour and style options.

We can even design your personal or corporate Christmas cards for you - see our Gold design service for details.

For more Christmas cards click here


Countdown to Christmas!

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